2017 North Team Series Kiteboard

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2017 North Team Series Kiteboard


  • Hard Flex
  • Step Double Concave with Trailerfin
  • Performance Premium Construction
  • North Boot recommended
  • Explosive pop due to Premium Performance Construction
  • Minimum reverse Flex ensures absolute control on landings
  • Deep channels give maximum grip
  • Light weight wood core

The Team Series is a competition Freestyle board with optimised, high performance design features for zero compromise. Although compatible with both the North Boot and the NTT, the main focus of the Teams Series is on boots. Its explosive pop comes from the robust Premium Performance Construction, whilst the deep channels give maximum grip. Its predictable nature with a new rounder outline creates a strong bond between you and the board, giving you the courage to train even harder and to go bigger then ever before. Up-and-coming champions hungry for Freestyle success and world titles, you've found the board for you!

Sizes Weight Finset
134/41 55-70kg S-Bend WK 3.5 G10
138/42 65-85kg S-Bend WK 3.5 G10
142/43 >80kg S-Bend WK 3.5 G10